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Summer Reading for NCCS Upper School Students 2023: Top 10 List (Booklist Magazine)

A note from Mrs. Lans

These books are organized in alphabetical order by the author.  Hope you enjoy. 

For more titles visit the library's If You Liked...Libguide 

Top Art Book for Youth (Booklist October 15, 2022)

Top Biographies and Memoirs for Youth (Booklist June 2023)

Top Epic Mythological Middle-Grade Fantasies (Booklist February 15, 2023)

Top Environment and Sustainability Books for Youth (Booklist March 1, 2023)

Top First Novels for Youth (Booklist November 1 & 15, 2021)

Top Graphic Novels for Youth (Booklist July 2022)

Top Health and Wellness for Youth (Booklist April 15, 2023)

Top Historical Fiction for Youth (Booklist May 15, 2023)

Top History for Youth (Booklist February 1, 2023)

Top Middle Grade Debuts (Booklist April 15, 2021)

Top Mysteries for Youth (Booklist May 1, 2023)

Top Novels in Verse (Booklist March 1, 2023)

Top Novels for Tweens (Booklist February 15, 2023)

Top Romance Fiction for Youth (BooklistSeptember 2021)

Top SF/Fantasy & Horror for Youth (Booklist August 2022)

Top Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Debuts for Youth (Booklist August 2021)

Top Sci-Tech for Youth (Booklist December 1, 2021)

Top Sports Books (Booklist September 1, 2021)