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Rome: Art and Architecture

5th Grade


Interactive Nolli Map

The focus of this amazing website is the Nolli interactive map of ancient Rome. Clicking “Launch Map Engine” will bring up the interactive map, which allows users to zoom in on the streets of ancient Rome. The user can also choose from a list of layers to display on top of the map, such as the walls of Rome, the city gates, pathways, fountains, and rioni—the districts of Rome. The user can also switch between the hand-drawn 1748 Nolli map or a modern satellite image. The website also includes articles and information on Natural Features, Architecture, Social Factors, and Cartography.


Searching tips: Use the search box at the top of the site to look up landmarks, terms, articles, and other resources. Use the Map Index to find specific locations on the interactive map, and use the glossary to identify any unfamiliar Italian terms on the site.