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Favorite Childhood Books of NCCS Faculty and Staff: When They Were In Middle School

What were the adults of Country School reading when they were your age.

Mrs. Baer and Mrs. Oakes

Mrs. Balasuriya and Mrs. Carroll

Dr. Britt-Friedman

Mrs. Cali

Mrs. Cali and Ms. Findley

Mr. Clarke

Mrs. Carroll and Mrs. Frey

Ms. Collins

Mrs. Comizio

Mr. Cooper

Mrs. Corcoran

Mrs. Culver

Mrs. Culver and Mr. McDonald

Mrs. DeOreo, Mrs. Noor, Mrs. Rosolen, Ms. Schoonmaker and Mrs. Thom

Ms. Ferran

Mr. Freitas

Mr. Freitas, Mrs. Giacalone, Ms. Sette, Ms. Tashji and Mrs. Von Euler

Ms. Friedman, Mrs. Latimer, Mr. Maliakal, Mrs. Ramsey and Mrs. Spain

Mr. Hastings

Ms. Henning

Mr. Henry and Ms. Moise

Mr. Hogenkamp

Ms. Kelly

Mrs. Knowlton

Mrs. Lansdale

Mrs. Mallin

Mrs. Mallozzi and Mrs. Schirmer

Ms. Mao & Mrs. Newport

Mr. McDonald

Mr. McDonough

Mrs. Newport

Mrs. Porter

Ms. Quisgard

Mr, Randolph

Mr. Robb

Mrs. Schirmer

Ms. Sette