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New Canaan Country School Centennial Archival Resources: Writings

All School

Patience and Time

Collected Annual Meeting speeches of Nicholas S. Thacher, Headmaster, New Canaan Country School 1979 -2000

edited by Eric Garrison.



Patience and Time (p. 1 - 49)

October 24, 1979 Education in the '80s - A Modern Trivium

October 28, 1980 Patience and Time

October r 29, 1981 Change at NCCS: Keeping Up with the Joneses

October 27, 1982 A Delicate Balance: Imagination & Reality

Patience and Time (p.51-95)

October 26, 1983 NCCS & the Secondary Year: Too Much of a Good Thing 

October 24, 1984 The Cutie-Poo Specter: Anxiety & the Importance of Diversity

October 30, 1985 Free and Ordered Spaces: Balancing Structured and Free Time

October 29, 1986 The Ten-Year Evaluation

Patience and Time ( p.97-135)

October 28, 1987 Literacy and Tradition: The Shape of Our School

October 26, 1988 Affluenza & Social Responsibility: the Whole Child and the Real World

October 25. 1989 Learning Lessons: Learning from Cruelty

Patience and Time (p.137-173)

October 24, 1990 Lessons from England: A Call to Tuck Things In

October 23, 1991 The Ultimate Bang for a Buck: What Does An NCCS Tuition Guarantee?

October 28, 1992 A Plea for Simplicity: Countering a Cornucopia Culture

Patience and Time (p.175-207)

October 27, 1993 Cultivating Children: A History of New Canaan Country School

October 26, 1994 Of Hot Air Balloons, Mickey Mouse, French Kissing, and Long Range Planning

October 25, 1995 Educating Children: Choices for the 21st Century

Patience and Time (p.209-265)

October 23, 1996 Beginnings and Endings: A Personal Odyssey

October 27, 1997 Thirteen All Too Soon

October 28, 1998 Windows and Real Lives: Building Community in a Digital Age

October 28, 1999 High Class Problems: The Tension Between the Perfect and the Possible