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7th Grade - The American Story: Early Republic (1789 - 1825)

Chapter 9 Launching the New Government (1789-1800)

Washington Takes Office

Creating a Foreign Policy

Political Parties Emerge

The Second President

Chapter 10 The Age of Jefferson (1801 - 1816)

A Republican Takes Office

New Threats From Overseas

The Road to War

Tecumseh, Shawnee Chief painted by W.B. Turner

Alabama Department of Archives and History. (Producer). (2011). Tecumseh at Tuckabatchee: Fact and Fiction. [Web Video]. Presented by Kathryn Braund.

The War of 1812

Alabama Department of Archives and History. (Producer). (2010). The Coming of the Creek War. [Web Video]. Available  Presented by Greg Waselkev.

Chapter 11 The Nation Grows and Prospers (1790 - 1825)

The Industrial Revolution

In 3 minutes learn the changes in society that occurred during the Industrial Revolution

New Nations in the Americas


"The Liberator of Venezuela renounces forever and declines irrevocably to accept any office except the post of danger at the head of our soldiers in defense of the salvation of our country." —Simón Bolívar
  • 1811 Independence of Venezuela from Spain; Miranda's failure
  • 1813 Bolívar reconquered Caracas; General Boves counterattacked
  • 1815 Morillo's campaign; Bolívar exiled in Jamaica; Jamaican letter
  • 1819 Royalists defeated at Boyacá
  • 1820—21 Venezuela and New Granada liberated
  • 1824—25 Peru and Upper Peru liberated
  • 1829 - Gran Columbia Discolved